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My name is Beth & I have been in the health & wellness world for over 25 years, passionately advocating & formulating products that have benefitted my family & our organic natural approach to health for decades. I have raised my children organically, gardening most of the food we eat & cleaning my home with natural organic products; much of which I make myself in order to control ingredients & purity.

I personally have very sensitive skin & have had the need to find & use ultra- pure products my entire life. l remember standing in my grandmother’s bathroom as a small child entranced by the lovely little rose-shaped guest soaps she had in a beautiful English China Dish. It filled me with the longing to travel & see the beauty

she had experienced.

I loved to hold those tiny, realistic looking rosebud soaps with their delicate scent. They were like a garden was in that dish. As a child I was attracted to beauty. For years I would run to that bathroom each time we visited my grandmother & make sure that those bits of beauty she brought back from her trip to England were still there.

When I started formulating my luxury bath & body bars I just knew I had to create nourishing beauty. Beauty meant to be held, used, & loved; products that would bless & bring you joy in their use.

I hope my creations bless your bath, shower, and trips to the sink. May they also bless your soul, making your bath & shower experiences, even your daily trips to the sink to wash your hands a moment to be enjoyed.



Natural Soap


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Elizabeth, TX

“My products just arrived & I love it all! My whole house smells like Christmas & my family can't wait to use your beautiful products in the shower, bath, & sink!"

Dawn, Minn.

"My soaps arrived yesterday & I love them! You are always so generous with all the extra goodies you include in my orders. I'm a "forever fan."

Ian, CA

"Your Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey Soap is my favorite, hands down! I no longer have dry, itchy, peeling skin on my elbows, feet, & hands. I make sure to purchase multiple bars each time so I never run out!

Tori, CA

"Our pup "Buddy" loves his bath-time with your "Buddy Bar!" His coat comes out silky, shiny, & smooth for days post bath."

Mike, CA

"I have been fighting dry skin for years. Since I started using Garden Gate Soaps I no longer need to use any moisturizer!"

Lisa, MN

"Soap during the winter has always made my fingers & feet crack & bleed, it left me so dried out. Now that I exclusively use Garden Gate Soaps that doesn't happen anymore!! Your "Rice Milk" bar is my personal favorite."

Allison, CA

"For 25 years I bought high end Dept. Store facial bar soap for an obscenely high price. I have now replaced that with Garden Gate Soap "Rice Milk" & "Pure Bastille." My face feels soft, silky smooth, & my skin feels "calm" after washing, like never before! I LOVE how your soaps make me feel. I love to "gift" your amazing products to family & friends.

Phillip, CA

"I really enjoy shaving with your "Man Puck" Soap. I no longer buy shaving cream. Your soap produces a clean shave & such smooth skin I no longer need lotion after shaving either! Thanks for a great product."

Nancy, WA

"I appreciate your homegrown, pure, organic ingredients.It gives me such assurance & confidence that I am using clean, pure products on my family's skin."
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