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Summertime is filled with such luscious fruits to enjoy. My husband's favorite is blueberries. He has 4 bushes of his own we all affectionately call "Dad's snacking bushes." He loves to check them daily, picking them to top his oatmeal for breakfast, or for us to turn into his beloved "Blueberry Cobbler" for family gatherings.


 So.....we just had to recreate that memory in a candle for you all to enjoy!!


This candle smells just like "Blueberry Cobbler" straight out od the oven.  A generous 8 oz. wax fill yields over 40 hours of burn time for your summer enjoyment.The glass vessel is a generous 3" width, can be reused, & is dishwasher safe, so two gifts in one!


Each candle comes boxed & ready to gift or keep personally.


Our candle is a soy blend of all organic, non-toxic waxs. The wicks we use are non-toxic, lead free, zinc free, & smokless. Please make sure you have any candle you are burning on an appropriate fire-safe dish & never leave a candle burning unattended.


Note: Please uncurl the wick & trim it down to 1/4" BEFORE burning! If left curled &  lit it will produce a flame that is too large for this size candle.


Weight: 12 oz. (including glass dish)



Organic Soy Wax, Organic Coconut Wax, Organic Vegetable Based Paraffin, Cotton Wick, Organic Vegetable Based Colorant, Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil, Mica




Blueberry Cobbler Summer Candle