For years we hosted Japanese exchange students in our home who lived with us for a full year at a time and who attended our local University to learn English. We loved all of these girls and consider them all daughters still to this day. Each one loved the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan and taught us all about it in their time with us. This is our nod to them in memory of many years spent learning to appreciate each other's cultures and developing a bond that exists to this day.


This bar has a dreamy soft cherry scent with undertones of creamy almond,  & feels soft & smooth to the skin. You'll love showering or washing your hands with this deep, rich soap & it's lovely high lather. Intended for hand & body use, not the face.



Top Notes:  Sweet Cherry & Almond

Base Notes: Creamy Vanilla


Bar Weight: 5 oz.


*For the longest lasting bar possible keep out of direct water spray and allow to dry between uses.


*For external use only.



Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil  Organic Palm Oil (Sustainably Sourced),  Organic Castor Oil, Cacoa Butter, Phthalate Free Frangrance, Tussah Silk, Sugar, Cosmetic Grade Mica, Titanium Dioxide

Cherry Blossom Almond